Bathroom Restoration

Lalane’s Restoration and Remodeling is where function and design come together! We’re experts at turning outdated bathrooms into ones that are as luxurious as a spa. Regardless of the size of yours, we’re fully capable of restoring small powder rooms, large master baths, and everything in between. When we’re done, you’ll have a well-designed space you and your guests can luxuriate in. Our expert craftsmanship, especially the midgrade and upscale renovations, goes solidly into the plus column when you decide to sell your home.

Besides being an excellent return-on-investment, we work within your budget and design to deliver bath spaces that fulfil your needs. The stunning construction is coupled with beautiful amenities and top-of-the-market features. We begin projects by sending in construction teams with extensive experience in building and renovation.

I would rate Lalane’s team 20 out of 10! They worked with such dedication and completely restored the kids’ bathroom in no time.
Coleen M.

We’ve helped many local homeowners with creative repairs and installation. At the end of all remodeling projects we undertake, we leave behind only satisfied clients. Here’s how we do it:

At Lalane’s Restoration and Remodeling, we believe in value-added luxurious remodels for our clients and fairly-priced installation for our crew. So, instead of choosing the least or most expensive providers, we fit the scope of work we do until it’s affordable to you. We make sure not to cross your budget.

The design options can seem endless to someone not as well-versed in repair work as we are. From modern to conventional to beachy, there are so many materials and patterns to choose from. Our focus is to get you the design you want, made completely out of natural materials, which won’t affect the health of the ones you love.

Do you think your current interior design needs some improvement? That’s okay because Lalane’s crew will create a design that ties all the elements together. We can make your remodeling vision into reality or come up with a style that meshes your kitchen’s décor seamlessly. With our professional, personal guidance, you will arrive at the best material for the imaginative design in mind.

Our unique repair installation services ensure that you get your kitchen back right on time. We develop the parameters for design, construction, and your budget simultaneously. We also apprise you of the state of things after the completion of each step. Since all the steps are streamlined and completely transparent, we can deliver timely results.

Many clients seem surprised when we agree to meet them on-site. If you’ve been unable to get contracting firms to your location, let us know. Or, you can browse our website to see the projects we’ve undertaken and successfully completed in your neighbourhood. Even if you find yours missing, it doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t work in your area.

Most homeowners don’t just want professionals who can pull off flawless installations. They also want a crew that will use only prime quality materials, a budget-friendly and stress-free process. At Lalane’s Reconstruction and Remodeling, we build stylish and long-lasting kitchens and bathrooms to your specifications. The materials we use to construct cabinets, floors, backsplash, and countertops are approved for quality, safety, and durability.

Before picking any remodeling company in your area, look at our history of client satisfaction and take the next step.